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Why use KOHLER Signature Store to design your new kitchen or Bathroom?

  • High Quality Products.

  • Expert Design Services.

  • Personalized Solutions.

  • Access to Exclusive Products. 

  • Customer Support.



Kitchen and bath design is a specialized field of interior design focused on creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient spaces for kitchens and bathrooms. It involves the thoughtful planning and arrangement of various elements within these rooms to ensure they meet the practical needs of the users while also reflecting their personal style and preferences.


  1. Visit the Store: Find your closest Kohler Signature Store by Supply New England and schedule a visit using our online scheduling tool. 

  2. Consultation: When you visit the store, you'll be greeted by knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the various products and design options available. We will ask you about your goals, preferences, budget, and any specific requirements for your design project.

  3. Design Services: We will work closely with you and your contractor to create a custom design for your kitchen or bath.

  4. Product Selection: With access to a wide range of Kohler products, the store team can help you choose fixtures, faucets, sinks, cabinets, tile and countertops that fit your design concept.

  5. Visualization: Using advanced tools, the designers can create 3D renderings or virtual visualizations of your design. This helps you better understand how the final result will look.

  6. Quotation: After finalizing the design and product selection, the store will provide you with a detailed quotation for the project, including the cost of materials and any additional services.

  7. Ordering and Installation: Once you agree to the quotation, the store will place orders for the selected products and coordinate delivery. You will need to hire a contractor to perform the installation.

  8. Project Management: Throughout the process, our team will be in contact with your contractor during the installation, and address any issues that may arise.

*We do not perform any installation. You will need to hire a contractor. We do have a list of contractors available. We do however, work with your contractor to the best of our ability to make sure the project is completed correctly.

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